Friday, May 27, 2011

The More you Know: Youtube Fads

I've decided to take this time to educate you all on the wonderful, incredibly stupid, and slightly disturbing world of youtube fads.  I've spent more time than I care to admit on youtube and I've seen all manners of fads, but you might be wondering, what's a youtube fad?  Well to put it simply, it's basically when a single video is edited in various ways by different people.  While this seems somewhat normal, fads on youtube are a close relative to youtube poop (that's a whole other topic) and thus are completely retarded.  Here's an example:
Of course this video is meaningless if watched by itself.  You simply have to direct your gaze over to the suggested videos to see the literal hundreds of videos that are basically this exact same thing, but with some other youtube fad integrated into it.  Yes, you heard me right, youtube fads are created when people take other youtube fads and put them in completely unrelated videos.  So it's a swirling cycle of retardation that can be completely hilarious when you're extremely bored.  One of my personal favorites involves an excellent rugrats clip:
I'm actually impressed that I found the original, there tends to be so many of these that the original becomes completely lost.  Now here's fad versions of the above clip:

While hilarious, you can see how this gets out of hand extremely quickly.  That's about all you need to know about youtube fads, there's really so many of them and the popular ones keep changing.  Attempting to list them all would be madness. 

One thing I've always wondered though is, who exactly makes these?  I mean, I imagine making one of these requires at least some skill with a video editor, but maybe I'm thinking people are using stuff like Sony Vegas to make these when in all likelihood they're just using iMovie.  I also wonder how much time it takes to make these, I can't imagine someone devoting more than an hour of their life making something so pointlessly hilarious.

But anyway, there you go, have fun exploring youtube fads, but try not to drive yourself insane.

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